Friday, March 27, 2009

A subway story of a bag-full of ponies, all in a Diorama

I remember in early grade school where teachers would only have two options for your creativity [at least, in my school]. It was either a collage or a diorama. The latter usually takes too much time to do, quite costly to some of us and not to mention, it requires more room to display. So I have not been a big fan of dioramas for all those reasons. 

But I never imagined that 12 years later I would be blown away by two artist who made diorama-making so enticing and invigorating. 

Kim Stringfellow featured self-inflicting pain, incest, fertility and other thought-provoking topics in a series of diorama-like photography assemblage that was launched in 1994. The perplexed and eerily imaginative concepts of each assembly can tell so many stories besides the one of the author's. I especially love the "Self Portrait as St. Lucy". This piece is about self-inflicting pain. Why I like it? Go figure. 

ohh and this is the real story of St. Lucy {link}

Another great diorama artist I found was Sloane Crosley. She made her diorama art based on her best-selling book [and soon-to-be HBO series]. I love how her dioramas makes anyone feel so light and floaty. Kinda like the feeling when you're in bed, and your mom is reading you a book as you near your dreamboat. That good. My favorite is "The Pony Problem" in which the artist confessed a secret and left it in a bag in a subway train. The diorama below is her story of a day when she found a "surprise" on her bathroom floor. Her wittingly vibrant little stories about everyday life are in her book, I Was Told There'd Be Cake. 
See for yourself.

"Smell This"

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