Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to recommend, submit and share your interesting finds at Melted Like Butter

I want this blog to have a great diversity of topics, and also be as interactive as possible. So I really hope that you, my readers (no matter how few you are right now), to also share any interesting things (i.e. websites, videos, food, music, art etc.) you've found, and it will be posted here in Melted Like Butter.

EMAIL YOUR SUBMISSIONS AT meltedlikebutter@yahoo.com

SUBJECT it as: CHECK THIS OUT - [insert category here i.e.: website, restaurant, gadget, etc]

PLEASE NOTE that not all recommendations we receive will be posted. It will have to go
through verification screenings. So no hard feelings ok?

REMEMBER that Melted Like Butter is all about anything interesting. Have fun!

This blog is not acclaimed solely by the author. Contents and images are and will be duly and properly attributed as much as possible.

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