Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Tribute to some serious CUPCAKE HEAVEN

After weeks and weeks of craving for cupcakes, I finally found a very nearby store where I can fulfill this obsession! I discovered Miss Priss Cupcakes & Such yesterday and went gaga because it's been so close to me all these time and didn't know about it. I am so psyched that it's only a good walk away from school, so it'll be great for those afternoons when I find myself alone and sick of work. Be envious of my first dozen! Be very envious!

the peanut butter and jelly {the best-reviewed}

the red velvet {ultimate fave}

Another great thing about Miss Priss cupcakes is that it's so reasonably priced unlike other cupcake stores around the area: Frosted Cupcakery in 2nd street and Charmed Cupcakes in Spring street. Miss Priss' mini cupcakes are only a dollar each and regular-sized cupcakes are $1.99. They also have other sweet goodies in the store which I didn't get to look at that much because my eyes were just so focused on the mini cupcakes! hahahah 


Check out Miss Priss' Cupcakes & Such Website here!

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