Saturday, April 4, 2009

Creative inspirations tribute

I couldn't sleep last night because thousands of ideas are swarming into my mind. I was at a point that I didn't want to sleep at all and just start doing it all already. I really treasure nights like those when I get inspired to be creative and invigorate myself with spontaneity. But all that happened because of a number of new websites, weblogs and webzines that I found last night. It was so encouraging to see many people unleashing out their creative souls and sharing their works to the whole world. 

A Print A Day is a personal blog by Yasmine Surovec. It features her drawings and illustrations, as well as great downloads such as dreamcatcher list pads and printable labels. Her illustrations are the most worth mentioning because of their sophisticated-yet-cute ambience.

Parasol Magazine is a free, downloadable pdf magazine dedicated to promoting design, art, creative lifestyles and small business. Also by Yasmine Surovec.

Not Paper is a blog that features collages and collage artists. When I took a 2D art class last semester, we spent a good time working with collages. And that's when my fascination with mixed media started. Not Paper is by Aprile Elcich, a Graphic Design student from Canada.


  1. Hey Kim! Thank you for your kind words!
    I'm so inspired by them, too : ) Going to take a look at your blog now!