Saturday, April 11, 2009

Art and design lovers' ultimate pass times

This is purely speculative, but based on what I typically do on a relatively ordinary day as an art and design enthusiast. 

1. I open my email expecting 10-15 newsletter from my favorite trend webzines. i.e. t-shirtmagazine, spotcoolstuff, dailyaphorisms, lostateminor etc.

2. I open my bloglovin' to see the updates of my favorite fashion blogs. i.e. tavi, the glamourai, sea of shoes, style bubble, etc.

3. I open my blog to check visitor counts and new comments. 

4. I open twitter and see fellow design enthusiasts' new links (and I usually spend a lot of time there, and keep coming back every 6 hours: hehehe).

5. And lastly, I spend the rest of the time browsing through weheartit or fffound, checking out the most bookmarked sites and cool images. I love this part because I always get blown away by the size of possible networks out in the internet right now; that there are so much things that so many people don't know about. 

And these are just some of the most popular images bookmarked right now...

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