Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have you seen this? Mind-blowingly small notebook

A sophisticated looking oversized clutch, are so hot right now, it was all over Fall 2009 Fashion Week in Paris and New York. 

But this is actually Lenovo's "Yoga Project" pocket notebook. These images from were claimed to be purposefully leaked by the company to entice customers of the Vaio P [see here].
According to, it converts into a touch screen pad when closed. AND take note of this, the clasp actually turns into a wireless mouse. *Mind Blown*

Well, these speculations are mere speculations. Nothing is true until we actually see it and play with it at Best Buy or Circuit City (I know I would) haha. But the bottomline is, you'd be one hot person in the coffee shop when you carry around one of these babies! 

And that's all I'm saying. Hot.

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