Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Goodnight playlist and parting words...

The Vivian Girls is a refreshing twist to girl power. Harnessing the genius of fuzzy sound and melodies, combined with Phil Spektor-ish ambiance. Recommended on those days when you don't feel like breaking up with your boyfriend, because the Vivian Girls will make you! 

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I stumbled upon, one day when I was looking for Webblog awardees. And this image was one of the things I encountered when I hit STUMBLE. 

It's mean, racist and demeaning. But we have to admit that it's funny! It would have been more complete if there was a Philippine dot somewhere near the "TVs and cameras" area. I think it would have to say "where the nurses come from". And please note that according to the artist, Canada is uninhabited. hahaha

So while you're laughing and thinking hard about "America We R #1!!!!", here is a good midnight snack for you: FAMOUS CUPCAKES' Red Velvet mini cupcake

I got the privilege to munch some of these babies at the hospital when one of my patients' family brought these for the whole nurses' station. Take my word for it; this will hunt you in your dreams.


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