Monday, March 30, 2009

Bookworm Buzz: Candida Hofer Libraries

Okay, I have a thing for libraries. It's hard to describe the feeling I get when I'm surrounded with lots and lots of books. Or rather new worlds to be discovered and escape to. That's why, included in my life list of dreams is to have my own big personal library and/or to build a beautiful and most extravagant public library in the world (this is my grandeur side) complete with a gallery of personally-collected contemporary art pieces. That's why when I came across German photographer Candida Hofer's "Libraries", I quickly fell-over my seat and was completely mesmerized. I haven't got the copy of the book, but I swear it would be in my top priority for my next check! hahaha

This book will truly be a great inspiration to any aspiring landscape or architecture photographers. 

"When Ms. Höfer's work succeeds, it implies a secret world. You might say she captures the ghosts moving through these spaces, leaving their traces." - The New York Times Art in Review

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